Right SDLC + Right ALM + Dynamic IT = Happiness

During my career, one of the targets I always keep on top is to be dynamic and, more important, up to date.

I often heard about “Dynamic IT”, “Dynamic Architectures”, and things like these. They’re not just words, marketing, aimed at let audience’s eyes bright of a reflexed light. There are many other words ( Driven Design, etc.), but I can resume everything with one word:

Rational Dynamism

How could dynamism be rational? Easy. Think about trends. If there’s a trend (there have been a lot in our sector, the first which comes in my mind is “ALT.NET”, followed by the extremely abused “TDD”, and ending with “Server Consolidation” to the extreme edge).

Wait, before you start throwing against me your stones: I’m not saying “They’re bad!” I’m just saying “Too many people follow trends without understanding pros and cons of a certain methodology”.

A person who applies the Rational Dynamism is a person who, first of all, is up to date with technologies. No way, that’s mandatory. Then, start thinking from the basement, and not the upper floor. I mean, think at how you’d like to have the ended product like it’s a hotel.

A hotel is a service. But this service relies on some prerequisites: a structure, a staff, some agreements with various suppliers. It’s not enough to say “Wow, this hotel is cool, I want to replicate it at home, without changes”, when maybe the hotel is in a skyscraper and you live in countryside…

There must be a deep analysis before starting anything, and not to rely only on “Implement this, this and this…and this, yes. How much time do you (dev team) need? Two months? No way, we sold it with a three weeks’ timeframe.”

It’s sad to admit, but lots of companies act as it!

The right conversation would be: “Ok dev team, there’s to implement this solution. What’s the best way? What are the tools which guarantee the best time/quality balance? Ok, good. How much time do you need? Two months? Perfect, we are going to sell for two months, but with a spread of two weeks.” And going….

Of course, it’s impossible to get this behavior snapping fingers from a day to another. It’s obvious. Before selling products (consultancy, boxed products, custom solutions, etc.) you must have a solid basement, and maybe a ground floor too.

The right network and application infrastructure is not avoidable. You simply cannot think about Rational Dynamism without Dynamic IT.

Dynamic IT doesn’t mean “I have n racks, n blades, n virtualization technologies (it’s so cool, isn’t it?), etc.” Dynamic IT means “Foundations for a productive and quality assured development”, that’s it.

Then, the ALM. You have, yes have, to think in a 360° mood, to get results. And moreover, this has to be together with the SDLC (and often with the Dynamic IT, just think at Visual Studio Lab Management). The Application Lifecycle Management is the heart of your development, no jokes. From it, you may success or fail.

And a failure is neither dynamic nor rational.

by ALM's Thoughts on 5/8/2010