Interview guys

Ok, it's running something very cool in my dining room. My girlfriend's giving an interview to an agency related to her position in Microsoft Student Partner program. Too cool :). For once i'm not the chief in my home and i'm just relegated into my room waiting for the interview end and hoping she could be impressive and nice.

They said that we could have the stuff of the interview soon but AFTER the release on the website (http://www.webalfemminile.it/it/). Hear this amazing truth: we set up my laptop (acer) for the interview and they said "Perfect!" cause Acer is one the sponsor of the program... Amazing truth... Additional note: they have an Acer in their pack in the case we could not provide it :|.

But they are professional and very kind. They decided to take images near the piano, in the dining room on the sofa, and on the tail they would like to go to the kitchen to capture simona (http://www.simonacossidente.com/) while preparing coffee to seem "a common girl in a common world".

Ok, we've already spent aboutn ten minutes, I think i'm gonna see what is going on.. :)

My laptop lost his IP address, thirty seconds of fear but it came back fast.. :) Now she's taking the second part with the laptop surfin the web to promote MSP website and the program. WOW.. (not for the promotion, but for the "making of").

Finished.. She received congratulations.. I love her.. :)

by Roberto Freato on 3/13/2009
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