Navigo ergo sum

I don't know exactly which is the lower bound (in terms of search results) for a keyword to be listed in the Google Experimental Search engine. I don't know but I wanna to be listed there..

Recently I've just made a new proverb "Se non esisti su Google, non esisti" (italian version), that in english means "If you are not listed on Google, you do not exist!". Well, it's obviously ironic but for IT technician the number of results of the own name on the main search engine on the earth it's like a satisfaction index.
It's the demonstration of how we are going under the influence of virtual market and how we are moving far from the truth of our life. Anyway, google or another search engine, doesn't lie. I presume if you're on Google, you're very connected into virtual network, but even recognised in the real "people-ready" world.

So, I will try to be listed on BigG next month.. See you later.. :)

by Roberto Freato on 1/20/2009
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