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I usually watch some tv shows in the late evening so i can go to sleep with my mind free of troubles..
But often I've the brilliant idea to share my moment of peace with my darling and watch the show togheter but in different places: how? With IP streaming... Yes, I know it is very nerdous and quite new-age but, watch shows in IP streaming with your girlfriend with chat opened, it fills the physical gap between us for our 40 minutes. It definitely works!

Well this post was born just to fill the other gap (the one between the moment I would like to watch shows and the other one she dedice to follow me) that I am in now..

Just to don't waste this time I'll show you how does it works, you need:

  • VLC
  • A movie or tv show
  • An fast internet connection (simmetric is better)
  • You and your peer in the same subnetwork or network

Ok now, you've just to start VLC (latest version) and select from the menu: "Media" => "Streaming".
Now, select your movie. Press "Stream" button. Now you can configure some parameters for streaming. My advice is just to set the HTTP protocol on 8080 port, specify IP you're listening on and MPEG-TS as encapsulation format.

Please keep in mind that if you type "localhost" or loopback address this would probably not work. So type your real lan IP and, if you're under a NAT, type the IP address that the NAT forwards requests to.
Of course your peer should open VLC and select "Media" => "Open Network" and type {address:port}.

Well, that's all! But remember that if you girlfriend is just in the other room, you're supposed to watch tv togheter.. ;)

by Roberto Freato on 11/18/2008
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