CONGRATULATIONS! Your groups has been approved to be an INETA member.

CONGRATULATIONS! Your group (DotNetLombardia) has been approved to be an INETA member based on your dedication to the .NET user group community. Welcome to INETA! If you have any questions about the goals of INETA, or if I can personally be a source of encouragement and information for you, do not hesitate to drop me an email!

I see INETA as a way for the user groups (especially through the groups leadership) to connect with other user groups', answer each other's questions, and generally support each other. I hope you'll be interested in participating as an INETA member group as INETA continues to evolve.

As you may know, INETA maintains a Speakers Bureau and will be happy to provide a nationally known industry guru to speak at one of your meetings. In addition, INETA will provide money for refreshments (pizza, soda, etc) for this event as well. Just go to the Speakers Bureau tab on the INETA site and file out the form to request a speaker.

We publish a monthly newsletter which you will start receiving at the beginning of next month. You can find past newsletters in the Repository on the INETA Website. We would love to have you submit an article on any user group related subject or a write up and pictures of a recent meeting. We are looking for community building information not technical, for the newsletter.

I look forward to meeting you in person in the future. If you need to contact me, my email address is

Best regards,


by Blog Ufficiale di DNL on 1/30/2011
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