Test SyntaxHighlighter

Vediamo se funziona il plugin appena installato. Queste le istruzioni:

How to use:
In order to use the code highlighting in your posts use the tags [xcode language="C#"][/xcode] in a post's body. Languages supported: c, cpp, csharp, css, delphi, pascal, java, js, jscript, javascript, php, python, ruby, sql, vb, vbnet, xml, html, xslt. More Language please reference website. It's also support extended configuration. Example: [xcode language="csharp;toolbar:false"][/xcode]. More extended configuration please reference website.

[code language="java"] public static void main(string[] args){
       System.out.println("Hello World!");
} [/code]

NB: Devete sostituire xcode con code. Se funziona... evvai!

by Roberto Freato on 4/23/2010
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