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Here in italy we're involved with some problems about public information. Unfortunately, there's a strict common control over tv shows, news channels and we are almost sleeping with our consciousness...

As common rule for every democratic country, we (citizens) are supposed to know every single fact about government, about leaders and about dark sides of economic marketplace. How? With newspapers, brilliant reporters and media... In italy it's only a wonderful dream. We are in a captivity box with reality shows, junk tv and news that only let us know what the government can tell us. There are hundreds miles of hidden stories, conspiracy and mafia everywhere... We're sorrounded with mafia: in the north they live in the houses of power, and in the south they steal, kidnap and they "do the dirty job".

Today I've noticed that our most important television network owner (Silvio Berlusconi), who's also our Prime Minister, decided to increase the VAT taxes of the italian satellite pay TVs... Well, in italy almost everything has VAT of about 20% of the final cost of product except some kind of goods and pay TVs. They are taxed with 10% of VAT. So this decision seems to be in a equality fashion. But I have to let you know some details.

For instance, we have to know that in Italy there is only one satellite pay TV (Sky, that owns about 91% of italian satellite customers). Another 4% is fragmented in small networks and the 5% left is owned by the satellite pay Tv division of Mediaset (the network owned by our loved Prime Minister). These details should suggest that he's trying to hit the competitors, but the story it's not finished yet.

In italy about 90% of citizens are used to watch only 6 channels: Rai1,Rai2,Rai3,Rete4,Canale5,Italia1.
Ok, the first three are public service, the other ones are of Mediaset network. In addition of this we have the satellite pay TV Sky (that is in a trouble for recent increase of taxes as i said before).

Since the world began (:D), Rai network imposed a fee to citizens every year of about 100€ and this fee is increasing every year of about 5-10 euros. Well it's not too much, but it's really enough for the quality they give. Apart from any consideration about the QoS of Rai network (i really don't appreciate these channels), in these days the government (the same whose decided to cut Sky's profit) decided to block the fee of Rai network for the next year. We are supposed (as citizens) to be happy to keep 5-10 euros in our pocket, but let's see it from another prospective.

Rai network in the most important (and the only) competitor of Mediaset network (owned by Prime Minister, oh no.. i'm sorry.. his son :D), and the government is trying to cut Sky profit and Rai profit, letting Mediaset living in peace with its competitor "one-armed".

This is my personal point of view.. I'd like to know the truth but i'm sure i can't so please let your comment about it here, and maybe i look into another (more comfortable) prospective..

Bye :)

by Roberto Freato on 12/6/2008
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