Sta per uscire qualche novità sulla UX, questi i dettagli

Riporto l’ultima comunicazione ricevuta dal MS in merito ad Azure:

Based on your feedback, we are making a number of improvements to streamline your Windows Azure experience. We would like to take this opportunity to provide some details on what’s coming.

  • Simplified Sign-up Process:
    • Create new subscriptions in 3 simple steps
    • Take advantage of the new spending limit feature to sign up for a new 3-Month Free Trial and/or one of our MSDN subscriptions without fear of overage charges
  • Flexible Subscription Management:
    • Quickly add or update your subscriptions
    • More easily switch between offers
    • Cancel un-needed subscriptions directly from the Windows Azure Management portal
  • Streamlined Billing Experience:
    • Access real-time usage and billing details directly in the Windows Azure Management portal
    • Billing will occur at the same time each month, regardless of the number of subscriptions
    • Simpler, summarized invoice
Concurrent with the release of these new capabilities for managing your use of Windows Azure, (e.g., spending caps, real-time access to usage and charges), we will retire our monthly email notifications reporting when you reach 75%, 100% and 125% of the compute hours included in your offer (or your 3 month rolling average for offers without included compute hours).
As we get closer to launch, we will provide the specific timing of these updates and include additional details. During the planned update, our billing system will be briefly offline during a weekend – under 24 hours from start to finish. While you won’t be able to add new subscriptions during the update process, this update will not impact any Windows Azure applications that you have running.
by Roberto Freato on 12/1/2011
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