A Good Year

It was been just an year ago that I started to do one million of things in my life... and now? It's wonderful...
I really think my life is going to the right direction with my schedule always full (as my brain) and everything quite ok. So, i decided to do something's common for IT professional in recent years: personal website, blog and other stuff (in my opinion not too relevant to my life, but useful).
Probably this blog's gonna be empty or neglected but it doesn't matter. If I want I'll be here to tell mine.

Well, as I'm starting now i obviously have nothing relevant to tell you and to explain. My wish is to keep this blog half in english and half in italian (just to relax a little and make my friends understand me better)... If in the future you don't see any english post.. :| I'm already sorry for that.. :)

See you and thank you

by Roberto Freato on 11/7/2008
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